Take a Strategic Snapshot

Stress test and iterate your strategy by exposing it to potential customers or stakeholders


What will your Strategic Snapshot help you achieve?

Tell us what you're trying to achieve so we can make sure you get the best results.


Who do you need feedback from?

You can create up to 3 groups of consumers to gather feedback from (you only need one).

Tell us up to 3 things that need to be true about each group so we can find people that match your needs.

Group 1

Optional extras

Extra services to boost the fidelity of your Snapshot. We'll give you an estimate of the increased price.

Social practices catalogue

Week 1

You get a detailed catalogue of your participants social practices - what they do, the things they use and why. Useful for identifying needs or creating Jobs To Be Done.

Design concept sketches

Week 2 & 4

We can develop new design concept sketches to communicate your existing ideas or new ones discovered through the project. Useful for getting tangible feedback and co-creating new ideas.


Week 4

You get printable, visualised maps of your overall strategy. Useful for creating an overview of your strategy and cataloguing all your ideas.


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