Giving teams a wind at their back with insight

When we build something new we’re operating in the realm of the unknown. Teams that weave insight into their working practices gain a counterbalance to this uncertainty.

Giving teams a wind at their back with insight

Change operates in the realm of the unknown by definition and our investments are subject to the risk of getting the idea, execution or timing wrong. For teams that are serious about building or improving great products and services, this is challenging, tough work with very little in the way of feedback to guide or inspire you.

Teams that weave insight into their working practices gain a counterbalance to this uncertainty. Insight puts a wind at their back and makes everything else easier. This isn’t because doing research gives you simple answers to the difficult questions, but because insight helps teams to think deeply and build shared understanding that reduces friction and increases focus.

Insight work helps teams map new conceptual territory, identify needs or problems that can be competitively addressed or more deeply understand the drivers and concerns of those who will be impacted by their project. Perhaps most importantly, research destabilises long-held or embedded assumptions and acts as a kind of fuel for the creative process. The sociologist C. Wright Mills called this making “the familiar strange”. When we no longer see things in the same light, we can imagine futures that were previously hidden to us.

Path has deep expertise in the research practices that underpin great insight and our practice aims to bring that skill and expertise to our clients in simple, effective ways that integrate with and fuel their efforts to create change. This can mean ground-breaking foundational research in an entirely new area or just about responding quickly and helping to facilitate a decision that unblocks progress. We’ve developed our service to be responsive and collaborative so that insight is timely and effective as well as illuminating.

We love talking to teams that want to increase their creativity, improve their flow and create more efficient and effective change. Our mix of inventive methods, deep experience and smart thinking could be just what you need to make the future a little more knowable.

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