Embedded Leader

Strengthen your design-led strategic capability with leadership as a fractional service.

Embedded Leader
1. Shape Strategic Foundations
  • Establish a foundation of strategic insight

  • Develop a distinctive point of view

  • Shape your strategy for the long game

2. Develop Capability
  • Nurture your teams strategic capability

  • Improve your design maturity

  • Expand strategic literacy through your organisation

3. Build Operations
  • Build an operational practice to support innovation

  • Create and refine fit-for-purpose innovation processes

  • Establish frameworks for acceleration and collaboration

4. Grow Flexibly
  • Expand or contract your team rapidly

  • Work with an Embedded or Project model

  • Work to flexible objectives

Shape Strategic Foundations

1. Shape Strategic Foundations

Add impact to your strategy through insight, distinctive point-of-view and compelling communication.

Rapidly improve the depth and clarity of your strategy by adding a seasoned strategic thinker and communicator to your team.

Develop Capability

2. Develop Capability

Nurture the skill, momentum and ambition of your team and organisation.

An Embedded Leader will help you expand the horizons of possibility for your initiatives and team, and can support you to build this capability in-house with frameworks, recruiting and training.

Build Operations

3. Build Operations

Establish the practices, frameworks and processes to scale strategic design excellence in your organisation.

Create and refine existing processes, adding the flexibility, quality control and efficiency needed to reliably produce high quality outcomes.

Grow Flexibly

4. Grow Flexibly

Easily expand the capabilities and capacities you need through our Embedded Team offering, managed by your Embedded Leader.

Combining an Embedded Leader with Embedded Team gives you a quick and efficient way to scale up or down based on your current needs, whilst maintaining continuity and quality.

Strengthen your design-led strategic capabilities


Accelerate discovery and planning with fresh thinking and experience


Shape your objectives and plans through deep expertise


Nurture your team and stakeholders with mentoring and coaching

What you get
  • Dedicated weekly time with a Lead Consultant

  • Clear objectives, renewed regularly

  • Path frameworks and methods to accelerate your growth

  • Embed Path collaborators for rapid capacity growth

Strengthen your design-led strategic capabilities

Strengthen your design-led strategic capabilities

Add leading design expertise to your team with dedicated, on-going support from an experienced leader. They will work with you directly, bringing deep experience to your team for a regular, capped time each week.

How do you play the long game?

We've found 4 common modes of strategic change, each with their strengths and weaknesses.

Our simple tool helps you discover your default mode, and how to pick the mode you need right now.

Long Game Modes
The 4 Modes of Strategic Change

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