Embedded Team

Move forward faster by bringing Path's skills and experience into your team, as much or as little as you need.

Embedded Team
1. Make a fast start
  • Onboard a Lead Consultant to kickstart strategy and planning

  • Establish your Objectives, Key Results and operating rhythm

  • Identify key activities and next steps

2. Grow your team
  • Add the skills you need, as you need them

  • Engage subject matter expertise

  • Upskill your own team

3. Pivot as needed
  • We work as part of your team

  • We manage individual contributors

  • Expand or contract our team within 4 week blocks

Make a fast start

1. Make a fast start

Accelerate your projects by onboarding an experienced Lead Consultant.

With deep experience leading teams in startups, agencies and large organisations, their goal will be to help you diagnose and clarify your challenge and objectives, establish ways of working and identify your best next steps.

Grow your team

2. Grow your team

Build up the capabilities and capacity of your team by bringing more skills onboard. Our network of skilled individual contributors and partner organisations can meet most challenges. Add design, research, technology and subject matter expertise as needed.

We'll manage our own individual contributors and partners, and can help transfer skills to your team as we work.

Pivot as needed

3. Pivot as needed

Embedded is designed to pivot when your objectives change.

Change objectives as often as needed, and team members within 4 week blocks. Our teams are used to working in startups and large organisations against multiple objectives.

We'll help you work towards strategic objectives, knowing that's not always a straight line.

Get the skills you need, for the time you need them


Embedded makes it simple to supercharge your team with Path's skills and capacity.


Get started quickly, expand or contract as needed and pivot as much as you need to.


We're used to working in startups and large organisations, making sense of multiple, ambiguous objectives.

What you get
  • Dedicated weekly time with skilled Consultants

  • Flexible Objectives defined every 4 weeks

  • Predictable pricing and defined Service Levels

Need to add experience, skill or capacity to your team quickly and flexibly?

Need to add experience, skill or capacity to your team quickly and flexibly?

Talk to us about Embedded. We love challenging environments and difficult, ambiguous objectives. Instead of asking you to make sense of it all before you engage us, we'll help you make sense of it.

How do you play the long game?

We've found 4 common modes of strategic change, each with their strengths and weaknesses.

Our simple tool helps you discover your default mode, and how to pick the mode you need right now.

Long Game Modes
The 4 Modes of Strategic Change

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Acknowledgment of Crisis

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